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To do a Soul Charge, press back and all three attack buttons at the same time. Your character should summon up a burst of energy and push. The Soul Charge is a move used to increase the power of a character for a short period of time. To do so leaves the character vulnerable to attack while he. Soul Charge is unique in that it is not an attack or a guard. It's mapped to your R2/RT button on your console, and when you hit it, your. Target any number of monsters in your GY; Special Summon them, and if you do, you lose LP for each monster Special Summoned by this effect. You cannot. Soul Charge is back + R2 (R2 alone being a Critical Edge). I haven't done Libra of Soul yet, but it sounds like you just need to kill your. 20 votes, 38 comments. I personally find myself preferring Soul Charge if for no other reason than I like the visuals and the combos feel. A Soul Charge (mapped to R2/RT on your controller) is essentially a superpowered state for your character. It can only be activated if you have. For later anime appearances of this card, see "Soul Charge" (later anime). Soul Charge. Japanese: ソウル・チャージ; Rōmaji: Sōru Chāji. : Soul Charge - SDCL-EN - Common - 1st Edition - Structure Deck: Cyberse Link (1st Edition): Toys & Games. : YU-GI-OH! - Soul Charge (DRLG-EN) - Dragons of Legend - 1st Edition - Super Rare: Toys & Games.

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